For Tatiana, 120cm x120cm

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Tatiana Raffalli is the baby who will enjoy this quilt. It is kind of a sampler quilt...I say 'kind of' because there are two motifs that are repeated. All nine squares are in muted colors with some accents in brighter pieces. There are as many plaids and checks as possible because Dorothée, Tatiana's mother, loves them. The squares are set together with a very dark blue cotton dotted with tiny, red flower buds.
There is an inner border of Sonja's washed silk in that soft red then there is a wild goose chase in a darker red. There is a corner motif of three squares in the two shades of red. The backing is unbleached muslin with tiny white printed hearts and I made three chasing triangles off-center. The final trim on the edge is the darker red and it is very slim a border. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this quilt. It was a first for me to make such a number of motifs without templates. I graphed all of the motifs I wanted within squares of 18 cm, then took a measure with my eye and used the cutting wheel and ruler to cut all of the pieces. All the squares are exactly the same size and all "work". It's always delightful when that happens. It is also the first time I sewed the final trim on that way: from the front and by machine. The hand stitching is on the reverse side only. Baby quilts are fun to do. They are a nice size to handle and the project stays entertaining right up until the end. It will be interesting to see this one age as Tatiana grows up.